Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Daily Whiplash (9)

Yesterday I went without pain killers altogether. This morning I only have a wincing tinge of a headache, which I'd rather ascribe to a common disposition of mine than to the whiplash. As a side note on that common disposition it needs to be said I haven't had heavy headaches in years. Israel has been good on me and even in the last years in Amsterdam the aches were a minor issue, but until 1994 I was prone to exhausting headaches, either in the form of ghastly attacks, or aggravating cling things. In the interview with Bert ter Schegget it is said that headaches and migraine are a typical ailment of the Dutch Protestants. Oy vey.

Back to the main subject, back to the whiplash, back to back and neck. After the accident I have head headaches, but they were the first to subside. Then went the lower back pain, then middle back, then the shoulders, then the shoulder blades and what is left is the neck and incidental at that. Bilhah, the expeditious physiotherapist, pulled and rubbed and stretched and strained my neck on Sunday and when I reported some pain during this treatment, called me the princess on the pea. In Hebrew she is even a princess on a lentil. I feebly protested that at least I was a prince, pea or lentil or whatever legume, and I heard her think: 'prince, yeah, but a sissy at that.' Anne, not much of a man.
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