Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Psychological Aspects of Writing

The Writing Show invited writing coach Jurgen Wolff to speak of the psychology of the writer and the anxieties and confrontations a writer goes through, per chance how to deal with that.

In his opinion, the hardest is to get started and he is convinced almost all writers struggle with that. The next thing is nearly as difficult: keep going. One gets easily distracted. Paula B as an interviewer poses the questions she knows all to well her listeners struggle with. Jurgen gives very confident answers. Eventually, writing is broken down into elements of any other job in a person's life. Great projects and souring careers are divided in small steps, realistic goals, lots of tedious routine tasks and so on. If writing is what you want, what you do best and what you envision to do, here is what must be done.

Practical advice and some publicizing of Wolff's book Your Writing Coach.
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