Thursday, February 14, 2008

More 'Ann is a Man' - Podcast Reviews

A web search on 'Anne is a Man' should by and large lead to this blog only. 'Ann is a Man' is different though. There are some people who like to say this of Ann Coulter. But that is just a side step. Here is what you can expect on Anne is a Man over the weekend:

Within 24 hours: Philosophy Bites (Free Riders)

Within 48 hours: Simek interviews Lucie Stepanova

- Open Source (After the Empire: Must Reading from Parag Khanna)
- UChannel Podcast (one of three: A Conversation with Alan Johnston; The Encounter of Islam with Europe; The Economics of Climate Change: Risk, Ethics, and a Global Deal.
Do you readers have a preference? Comment or send mail...
- The Economist: Democracy in America
- The Biography Show (Alexander the Great)

This month: A new podcast directory to be added, Geography Podcasts.

New podcasts on trial:
Chronicles Radio Dispatches
Africa Past and Present

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