Thursday, March 20, 2008

Planned podcast reviews on "Anne is a man!"

I have listened to a number of podcasts and begun to write the next review, but I have not yet decided in which order to publish them. It depends on a couple of factors, among others when I will get ready to finish the reviews. But here is a list of what you can expect in the coming days:

History 5: enlightenment and French revolution
OVT: Nog is Polen niet verloren
Getting Published with the Writing Show
American History before 1870
King Lear (On BBC and Berkeley)
Shrink Rap Radio
Philosophy Bites

In New podcasts on trial we have March as a history podcast month with a wide range of candidates:
History of the international system
Redborne History Podcast
Teaching American History Podcast
History 2311
Your History Podcast
We the people stories

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