Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Controversial subjects on Anne is a Man!

Three upcoming posts in this blog will report on podcasts that contained very heated discussion and if not that touched on such a controversial subject, heated discussion simply must follow. And if you thought the death of Socrates could be one such subject and wouldn't result in a podcasted panel discussion with speakers doing nothing but heartily disagree, I can only wish you understand Dutch, for this is one that happened in a Dutch language podcast.

Another subject that came up and exposed wall to wall opinions, expressed with a zeal one would expect in debates on religion was the issue of waste management. Should your everyday individual citizen bear the responsibility for reducing and separating household garbage and if so, why? We'll hear advocates of recycling and hear ardent opponents of the very same.

The last subject expands on one that this blog is explicitly interested in. I keep reporting about the controversies around stem cell research in particular and bio-technology in general.In an upcoming post I'll report a philosophical discussion that takes these issues to the higher level of weighing human life. Can we even begin to think of asking the question whether life can be weighed, can have comparative value and not dive head first in controversy, before even contemplating the question itself, let alone answer it?

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