Thursday, August 28, 2008

TED Lennart green

Here is the occasional tip from TED. This time illusionist Lennart Green from Sweden. Just for fun, but mark how casual he does his act. Reminds me a bit of Tommy Cooper.

More TED
Benjamin Zander,
Jill Bolte Taylor,
Karen Armstrong,
Ben Dunlap. (highly recommended)

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Unknown said...

There's a big empty space up there.
Is there something missing?

Unknown said...

there is supposed to be a video egg - an embedded stream with Green's performance. I see it in both my FF and IE browsers....

Unknown said...

Ah, I'll have a look when I get home. I'll bet this computer doesn't have flash.

kilometersdavis said...

I love TED.

As I write this, I'm hearing the caws of a few dozen crows outside my window, and I'm reminded of this TED talk:

Unknown said...

Hey Nick,

I think I have seen that one, but I am sure going to check it out again