Saturday, September 27, 2008

New World Order - UChannel podcast review

Uchannel presented a lecture by General Tony Zinni at Cornell University. The general analyzed the world in which we lived today and the US foreign policy and came up with a whole that was very reminiscent of Barnett's talk on UChannel earlier this year.

From his army perspective Zinni sees exactly the same things as Barnett emphasizes from a diplomacy and business perspective. The US tackles the world with old doctrine, based on the Cold War and enters the world with an army that is an army for battle, but finds itself in the position to build nations and social structures. The bottom line for both Barnett and Zinni is that the new government, the new president, whoever this will be by January 2009, must very seriously take up analyzing the new world order. Foreign policy and US interventions must be adapted to that analysis and serious strategies need to be developed. Otherwise disaster lurks.

Zinni is a very accessible speaker and especially the beginnign of his talk is filled with observations and anecdotal evidence that is both functional as well as entertaining (I laughed out loud on his Berlin adventures in 1989). The message seems clear and when you see it supported from various other corners and a strong one to be taken very seriously. I am hoping the government of Israel will study pages from the same book.

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