Sunday, November 23, 2008

Grammar Girl - podcast review

Grammar Girl is a weekly podcast that delivers practical tips for all those that write in English. The episodes are short, pragmatic instructions that are given within the span of seven minutes. Grammar Girl does not try to teach you the linguistically correct English, but rather concentrates on a descriptive grammar. She tries to help you write the way is most generally accepted.

Over the years she has compiled some 150 tips varying from pure grammar to stylish instructions, whatever she deems relevant. The show has acquired a large following and consequently can draw upon an stream of requests, should the girl run out of ideas of her own.

The best way to handle this podcast is to pick and choose, although it is certainly instructional and possibly entertaining to indiscriminately take in the episodes. For those who are non-native speakers, there is much to learn, although occasionally one is presented with something that is too much specific for native users of English. By all means a very valuable technical guide into writing. It should therefore come as no surprise, the Grammar Girl podcast is available as a book as well.

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