Monday, November 24, 2008

The week of 24 November - Anne is a Man

There have been so many podcast I have listened to in the past days, that I have not yet reviewed, I may decide on skipping a couple or lumping them together in single posts. As to new podcasts (new for this blog) we have the following.

- A number of German podcasts. One about history, that I will take separately (Geschichtspodcast) and a couple more that I am likely to review in one post together.
- I heard the meetings podcast in a conversation with Chris Brogan
- Music Podcasts - God knows I tried to avoid these. I understand very little of music. I listen to talk talk talk on my iPod all the time, what can I possibly say of a music podcast? I have had Sunday Sundown on my list to review for a long time and In My Living Room recently joined. So I will have to delve in.
- Also from Report a Podcast is UCLA's Political Science 10

On the returning front we have
- Exploring Environmental History
- UCLA's Israel Studies
- Dan Carlin's Hardcore History with Victor Davis Hanson
- Philosophy Bites about virtue
- The Word Nerds about Irony and Satire and George Carlin
- '14-'18, the Dutch podcast Veertien Achttien

That is at least eleven posts. I am not sure if I can churn out eleven posts before Friday. Wait and see.

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