Monday, March 16, 2009

Anne is a Man in the week of March 16

I am planning to give seven reviews this week, although I have not yet decided which they are going to be. Here is a list of the likely candidates.

- A recent issue of UChannel Podcast paid attention to Sudan. Speaker Jok Madut Jok from Sudan, explains the failed state and the entailing sufferings and injustice.

- The latest episode of Veertien Achttien tells the biography of Sir Ian Hamilton. (Dutch)

- The New York Times has a podcast in which the readers' moral questions are addressed. The Ethicist.

- Another recent issue of UChannel Podcast has a lecture about the use of robots in warfare

- VPRO's Marathon Interview had Chris Kijne interview the artist Jan Montijn, with a lot of attention to Montijn's experiences in World War II, most notably in the German Army. (Dutch)

- Upon a tip from a reader I will be listening to Speaking of Faith's conversation with Mary Doria Russell about The Novelist as God.

- There are two new episodes of The Word Nerds waiting for me to listen to and review.

- Also, I have a couple of weeks of BBC's Thinking Allowed that are waiting for a review.

- The London School Of Economics (LSE Events) invited Jean-Pierre Filiu to speak of the EU's contribution to peace in the Middle-East.

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