Monday, March 9, 2009

Anne is a Man in the week of March 9

I have 7 reviews planned for the rest of this week. Here is a list of them and afterwards a mention of some of the regulars on my playing list, even if they are not reviewed this week or regularly otherwise.

-On the podcast of the London School of Economics (LSE Events), professor Norman Rose was invited to tell about The British Mandate in Palestine. Not only does this give some facts of the history preceding the establishment of the State of Israel, but also gives rise to some heated questions from the audience.

-Thanks to my reader 'marje' and his own list of history podcasts, I have found two new history podcasts, one of which is New books in History. I will review the episode in which historian Kees Boterbloem tells about the 17th century traveler Jan Struys

-This week the UChannel Podcast a huge load of new episodes and many of them very interesting at face value. I have about 6 of them on my playlist and by tomorrow I will review at least one them.

-In the Dutch podcast Veertien Achttien, this week's attention goes to the British Prime Minister H.H. Asquith

-A new podcast was reported through the report page. It is a conversation podcast between two Irishmen: nilpod.

-Making History with Ran Levi, the Hebrew podcast about the history of science has a new episode out and it is all about blood

-Another podcast I have found through 'marje' is the memory palace. Short monologues about tidbits in history. With a literary flavor.

Podcasts I am likely not to review this week, even though I faithfully listen to all episodes are:
-In Our Time (BBC), which had an issue about physics that went way over my head
-Thinking Allowed (BBC) about the latest research in the social sciences
-From Israelite to Jew by Michael Satlow, about how the Hebrews became religious ethnic group around 500 BCE
-Hoor! Geschiedenis a Dutch history podcast retelling Netherlands history chonologically in daily installments. By Feico Houweling.
-Volkis Stimme a German podcast satirizing the news, by Volker Klärchen

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