Friday, March 6, 2009

Anne is a Man in the weekend of March 6

Here is a list of reviews I am planning to publish over the weekend (Friday - Sunday).

-Speaking of Faith. I haven't listened to SOF very regularly lately, but just now I was taken by an issue about depression. Once on the roll, I took another one and found it even better: About the Buddha in the world today

-The Dutch podcast by the VPRO Marathon Interview allowed me to make comparisons with the disappeared interview podcast by the RVU Simek 's Nachts. Arthur Japin and Johannes van Dam have also been interviewed by Simek. Marathon Interview gave me a second look at them. This time around for three hours in stead of one. (Dutch)

-TVO's Big Ideas has the occasional lecture I want to pick up. This time I chose one by Best Lecture Finalist Anton Allahar who observes the question Why isn't the whole world developed? from a variety of angles, evaluating each briefly and critically.

-In Shrink Rap Radio, the psychology interview program, Dr. David van Nuys spoke a long time ago with Gary Small about the effect modern technology has on the brain.

- On Media Matters Bob McChesney had an interview with Juan Cole, the historian from Michigan, about the Middle-East. Most of the attention goes to Iraq and Afghanistan, but there are also, obviously, a couple of minutes for Israel.

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