Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lies, Truths and Jan Struys - New Books in History podcast review

Thanks to Marje's History Podcast Favorites I have discovered a very good new History Podcast: New Books In History (feed). NBIH is an interview podcast - rare among history podcasts - in which historian Marshall Poe interviews fellow historians about their latest book. This allows for an in depth entry into the historic subject at hand and also for some insight in historiography.

The first interview I decided to listen to, I chose because of the name of the guest: Kees Boterbloem. As I expected this historian is indeed a Dutchman. He was a specialist in Soviet history, but gradually developed towards Russian history in a much wider spectrum. This career has brought him to Canada and afterwards to the US. He speaks about his latest book The Fiction and Reality of Jan Struys. A Seventeenth-Century Dutch Globetrotter. Jan Struys traveled in during his lifetime around the continent of Eurasia, mostly in Russia and wrote a book, which earned him a nice fortune, even if serious doubt has been cast upon the veracity of his tales.

Struys's book was translated into English and French and eventually also Russian which version remained read with interest in spite of the questionable nature of the stories. Apparently Boterbloem assumes there is enough truth in Struys's tales and spends a large part of the interview telling what in his opinion was Struys's history. As to the value of the book, he explains mostly the Russian interest: one in the reception of Russia in the west. In addition to that it fascinated me how the 17th century was already a globalized world and a man like Struys from the lowly villages near Amsterdam, made it to serving the Genoese, the Muscovites, the Danes and on and on and had business from the Baltic to Persia, back to the West. I am off to hear more podcasts in this series - this can prove to be really, really good.

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Unknown said...

Hi Anne (the Man),

I'm the host of New Books in History and I just wanted to thank you for your kind review! Keep listening. You can also make suggestions for future interviews.

Warmest, Marshall Poe

Unknown said...

Thank you Marshall,
I will keep listening and I will also keep reviewing. This Sunday I am planning a review of your talk with Greg Cochran.