Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Crime - Big Ideas

TVO's podcast Big Ideas brought a lecture by Darryl Davies on crime. This lecture is the fastest introduction into criminology I have ever experienced. The whole thing crammed into 43 minutes.

Once upon a time, I studied criminology and I turned down a PhD project, because I chose to go down the path of theory of law. Hence, going through Davies's lecture was not exactly the experience the average listener will have. Needless to say, when you are familiar with the field you know where corners are cut and insights passed over, but all in all this lecture is very commendable in that it surely covers the whole range of criminology and makes it available to the layman in all its aspects.

Davies touches upon the questions of the origins of crime. He mentions the aspect of the social labeling of the deviant. He touches upon class justice. He explains why criminologists investigate the official handling of crime. He explains why crime statistics are incomplete and often unreliable. And he talks of white collar crime. And all these subjects wide and far connected into one flowing lecture. That is an achievement in itself. All that you ever needed to know about the study of crime, but didn't know where to get it from.

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