Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sparkletack - history podcast review

Here is a charming history podcast that was recommended to me by Julie Davies of the Forgotten Classics podcast. The podcast is called Sparkletack and I have no idea what connection this makes to its subject: the history of San Francisco. (feed)

There is a shared characteristic with Forgotten Classics though, as far as I can say after two really nice episodes. Host Richard Miller, a graphic designer by trade, relates the history of San Francisco to us by reading from some of his source material. Thus we have been presented an impression of the Barbary Coast and of the Cocktail Route in San Francisco. The first was taken from accounts describing events in the nineteenth century and the second from a book written in the 1930s The Champaign Days of San Francisco.

Apart from giving an excellent reading, Miller knows to choose his text very well, so that you are immersed into the historic picture of San Francisco. No wonder he calls these podcasts 'time capsules'. Apart from time capsules there are also other type of episodes to be had from Sparkletack. It seems I have only begun to listen.

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1 comment:

Julie D. said...

If you like the time capsules then you are going to love the longer episodes. Much more of Richard Miller's own work goes into putting together the history of the subjects he presents. Really fantastic. I'm so glad you like them because he deserves a wider audience. :-)