Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Conceptual Foundations of International Policy - Columbia University

Conceptual Foundations of International Politics is an old (2007) political science lecture series from Columbia University. It has been reported on already by Dara from DIY Scholar and Baxter Wood. The feed of the course is no longer avaialable under iTunes as reported by Dara, but Saeed Ahmed found an old feed that is still available. Thanks to this, I could also check the series out.

By now I have progressed through to the fifth lecture in the series and I agree with my friends that it is an excellent course. As a matter of fact, all of you who pick up geopolitics oriented lectures from the UChannel podcast frequently, will be supplied with a very useful background to these.

It has been pointed out by Baxter that some fo the lectures are worth seeing because of the visuals. I found a youtube group that apparently, though not obviously ordered, contains video registration of this course.
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