Saturday, October 3, 2009

A short History of Ireland - BBC podcast

A very interesting history podcast by the BBC came to my attention through the blog of a fellow podcast reviewer The Podcast Review. It appears that the BBC Ulster a Short History of Ireland makes (feed).

In a gripping radio style, with sound effects and different voices, the series delivers the history of Ireland in issues of 5 minutes. The approach seems to be to go chronologically through the history, or at least to cover themes with chunks of episodes. And hence, currently, we are being delivered excerpts of Ulster's and Eire's history in World War II.

As can be expected with BBC podcasts, the quality is extremely high, the stories are very accessible and informative at the same time. Also, as always with BBC podcasts, few episodes are maintained in the feed. Make sure to download instantly and one is set for both entertainment and education.
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