Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Help a fellow podcast listener

We are looking for a solution to the following problem.

A fellow podcast listener subscribed to the podcast Veertien Achttien and fetches the feed with Juice. On his PC he can listen to the issues of Veertien Achttien, but when he transports the file to his Creative Zen player, the file won't play at all.

Files that come from other feeds do not give this problem. I have run a test with Juice and noticed the file name was extremely long, but renaming the file to something shorter, did not solve the problem. Problem reports on Creative Zen players I have looked up on the web, do not describe similar problems. I have no Creative Zen player to further test it myself, so I turn to you, dear readers.

Does this problem seem familiar to anyone? Does somebody have the same player and does the problem reproduce? If the same feed is read through iTunes and the file copied to the player, do you have the same problem? Any hint is appreciated, please leave comments below. It can be done anonymously.

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