Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Story of India - BBC television series

Michael Wood's TV documentary The Story of India was suggested as an alternative to the History of India by Vinay Lal at UCLA. Its six parts can be seen on Google video (see links below). I must say that after the fourth episode, which introduced to me the importance of Tamil Nadu, the series went a bit down-hill. One cannot compare video to podcast. The visuals are fantastic, but they are accompanied by a slim narrative. And so I remain with my conclusion: we need more History of India in podcast.

part 1: Beginnings
part 2: The Power of Ideas
part 3: Spice routes and silk roads
part 4: Ages of gold
part 5: The meeting of two oceans
part 6: Freedom

More Story of India:
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The power of ideas - A Story of India (2),
The earliest history - A Story of India (1).

More Vinay Lal's History of India:
History of British India,
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