Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oslo accords - Witness

There are walls here in Israel where the graffiti, translated, reads: bring the Oslo criminals to trial! It shows how a certain segment of the population considered the Oslo accords between Israel and the Palestinians as a crime and those who negotiated and signed them as criminals that should be brought to Justice - whatever Justice can be in this perspective.

BBC's Witness paid attention to the Oslo accords and recounted how they were secretly negotiated in an Oslo kitchen. The witness they let speak is the Norwegian host who had, among others Uri Savir and Abu Alaa in her house to make the breakthroughs. (feed)

While new talks seem to be on their way it is very timely to look back at those. And I am sure there will be enough who want to trial and convict the current negotiators. Seeking peace, is sometimes a crime.

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