Sunday, October 3, 2010

Roma History - Rear Vision

Rear Vision is always a good source for short informative programs about recent history. In the past month it reported about the history of the Roma and it gave some beginning of an understanding about the gypsy people's history recent as well as longer ago.  (feed)

It left also some questions open. When you learn from the program that the origins of the Roma apparently lie in India and they manage to track their migration from India, through Turkey to Europe in time, it made me wonder about their own version of their history. And also about their language, customs and religion. How much of the origins remained and how much was picked up through the migratory ages?

What became somewhat more clear is how this migrating populace, while moving into new territory remained separate and were pushed into a segregated existence. It also made clear how this segregation continued in recent history even if it took on a different form in Eastern from Western Europe.

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