Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Heads-up for 16 November 2010

Forgotten Classics
Episode 141: Genesis, chapters 3-4
In which Adam and Eve give in to temptation and suffer the consequences.
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Mahabharata Podcast
Sukanya and Cyavana
Episode 32 - Two more stories from the Book of the Forest. The first involves another Bhrgu Brahmin with a Kshatriya wife. The second story, about Mahdhatar, is short, but interesting in how it differs from all the other stories we've had so far from Lomasha.
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The China History Podcast
The Three Kingdoms, the Jin Dynasty & the Sixteen Kingdoms
This week we are back with more Chinese history. We will look at a very confusing but exciting time when there was mostly a period of disunity and China was broken up into contending kingdoms. However this period of chaos brought us some of the richest tales of ancient China filled with amazing battles, events and larger than life characters. We'll look at the Three Kingdoms period that followed the demise of the Eastern Han. Then we will look at the Western Jin dynasty that briefly united China, followed by the Eastern Jin and then the period of the 16 Northern Kingdoms.
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Scientific American Podcast aka Science Talk
Physics Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg
Nobel physicist Steven Weinberg spoke to an audience of science journalists, and then to podcast host Steve Mirsky.
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