Thursday, February 3, 2011

Selected listening for 3 February 2011

KQED's Forum
Jewish Secular Culture
In his new book "Not in the Heavens," author David Biale chronicles the development of Jewish secular culture which, he claims, began with the Bible and continues to this day. Biale joins to discuss his exploration of the roots of modern Jewish secularism within the religious tradition it rejects, and what the role of Jewish secularism is today.
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Fresh Air
Hezbollah, Israel And Egypt: What Happens Next?
Story: Journalist Thanassis Cambanis puts what has been going on in Egypt in a historical context — and explains what the popularity of other political parties, like Hezbollah, could mean for relations with Israel and the United States.
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Stuff You Missed in History Class
The Last Emperor of Ethiopia
Haile Selassie wasn't just the last emperor of Ethiopia -- he is also hailed as a messiah. In this episode, Deblina and Sarah explore the astonishing life of Haile Selassie. Tune in to learn more.
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Revolution in Iran
During the first week of February in 1979, an Islamic revolution began to unfold in Iran. Mohsen Sazegara was close to the heart of events.
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