Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Haggadah - Cokie and Steve Roberts

Here is a quick review in order to recommend listening to KQED's Forum and especially the conversation with Cokie and Steve Roberts.

These two journalists have been married for 45 years and managed to integrate the fact that Cokie is a Catholic and Steve a Jew. One of many ways in which they have integrated each others background is in the way they celebrate passover and have assembled their own interfaith Haggadah - the liturgical guide to the Seder, the passover meal. They have written a book, Our Haggadah, which first of all reflects their Haggadah, but also addresses more broadly the issue of interfaith marriage.

Also on the program, they tell a bit about their Seder, but eventually, sweep the whole subject of integrating their two backgrounds.

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