Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Synagogue - Kol Hadash

I very much like the podcast Kol Hadash which is Jewish, has a Rabbi speak to you and yet is not religious, because it is Humanistic. I find religion fascinating and among the religions Judaism probably most of all, but the religious always give me a certain feeling of unease. Since I am not religious myself, I must be doing it wrong, or I am allowed to listen, but not really allowed in full circle. But with Kol Hadash is not like that at all. (feed)

In the latest issue, Rabbi Adam Chalom is lecturing about the Synagogue. Although he speaks for a study group in his congregation, it could be just as well a lecture in a Jewish history class. And if you liked the podcasts From Israelite to Jew, or Introduction to the Hebrew Bible, you certainly going to appreciate this lecture from Chalom. And if you have enjoyed the Chalom lecture and did not know those other podcasts, you should certainly try them.

In this lecture Adam Chalom explains the history and function of the Synagogue for Jewry throughout the ages and for all communities. On a side note the point emerges how different the Synagogue is inside and outside of Israel and in many ways that is a repetition of the historic close and far away from the Temple in Jerusalem.

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