Friday, April 22, 2011

What a cleaning day can bring

Today we were cleaning the house all day (as if cleaning it before Passover was not enough) and I put in several hours of consecutive podcast listening which gave a lot of interesting material to write about, when I finish the to-do list I gave you a couple of days ago.

Apart from a review of one of the SALT seminars which featured Ian Morris, I will certainly review some of the stuff I heard today:

Partially Examinied Life about Kierkegaard

Kol Hadash, a second lecture on the Synagogue

Mahabharata Podcast, the temptation of Karna (with some unexpected takes on Dharma)

Partially Examinied Life about Montaigne

The introductory lectures to three new lecture series on Yale:
Epidemics in western society since 1600
Early Modern England
Moral foundation of politics

In Our Time: The Pelagian Controversy

Myoclonic Jerk: Episode about _why_ does Dan Kaufman play World of Witchcraft

The two episodes of a new Hebrew podcast פרורי מידע

The house is very clean now....


tomer said...

Did you hear me podcast פרורי מידע?
Im curious the hear what you think about it

Anne the Man said...

Hi Tomer,

I did hear it, I liked it and I appreciated the kids section and the 'drasha' section.
I have been preparing a review for weeks and it is still buried under the drafts
Sorry about that,


Anne the Man said...

Hi Tomer,

Sorry again. I just got your podcast mixed up with another Hebrew Podcast, Biocast, which has the kids corner. Etc.
This doesn't mean I am not planning a review. Because I still am. I have to listen some more though.


Tomer said...

Hi again.
Now after you realized that my podcast is not Biocast (which i also think is a great podcast), did you get to hear mine ?