Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Listening ideas for 24 May 2011

Mahabharata Podcast
The Gita, part 1: Arjun's Dejection
Episode 59 - We begin the famous holy book, the Bhagavad Gita. The scene for this revelation is the midst of the fateful battlefield of Kurukshetra. Arjun surveys the field, seeing his relatives, friends, cousins, uncles, elders and gurus, all ready to draw each other's blood and die for the sake of his dynastic dispute. For the good guys to win, Arjun will personally be responsible for the death of the people he respects the most in the whole world. He simple cannot go on with it. Arjun drops his bow and sits down. Better to die than to go forward with the slaughter.
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Inspired Minds
Hélène Grimaud – Pianist
In Inspired Minds this week, the internationally-acclaimed soloist Hélène Grimaud, tells us about her special relationship to Beethoven's music, her frequent frustration as she tries to create the ultimate legato line on the piano and how she loves the independent qualities of the piano.
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Schlaflos in München
Verliebt in meinen Kindle
Seit einigen Wochen ist mein Amazon Kindle so richtig im Einsatz. Weil draußen Sonne und ich Picknick und so. Und ich habe ihn lieben gelernt. Gut, heute kam mir der Gedanke, dass die Sympathie zu diesem Produkt einfach damit zu tun hat, dass ich zwei gute Bücher darauf gelesen habe. Wären es schlechte Bücher gewesen, fänd ich das Ding wahrscheinlich doof. Aber egal. Ich hab "The Imperfectionists" (Die Unperfekten) darauf gelesen und "The Gun Seller" von Hugh Laurie (Doctor House). Als Lese-Werkzeug schlägt der Kindle (das Kindle?) das iPad um Längen. So.
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