Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anne is a Man on Podcast

Here is a quick post to draw your attention to the latest edition of the SFF audio podcast on which Jesse and Scott discuss several kinds of audio, mostly SciFi and Fantasy narrative, but on this show, I appeared as a guest and we discussed podcasts - The SFFaudio Podcast #115 – Scott and Jesse talk to Anne Frid de Vries of the Anne Is A Man blog for a talk about podcasts and podcasting..(feed)

One of the subjects that come up is how listeners of podcasts these days use Huffduffer and their on-line file storage to assemble their own feeds. I find it t he next step in modern media where the consumer more and more is a producer.

Also, I recommend a story that is podcast thru Librivox: a novel by Rose Macaulay Mystery at Geneva, which is a very witty and elegant description of the coming together of politics, lobbyists and journalists. (feed)

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