Friday, August 12, 2011

First World War Centenary - Imperial War Museum

In 1988 I visited the Imperial War Museum and bought a cassette (who remembers those?) with extracts from the Museum's oral history program. Until the little was worn out, I have been able to listen to about 45 minutes from the vast archive of interviews with eye-witnesses of the Great War. This material would be great source for a podcast, as is also shown by the Armistice Podcast (feed) and the Imperial War Museum has come to understand that as well.

Just now, they have begun producing the First World War Centenary podcast which will describe a large variety of aspects of the war with the help of their exceptional audio archive. I have heard the first installment and the series is off on a promising start. (feed)

Thanks to WWI podcaster Tom Tacken to point out this new podcast.

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