Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Listening ideas for 9 August 2011 (2)

Russian Rulers History Podcast
Reforms? There Will Be No Reforms!
Alexander III takes control of Russia and undoes many of the reforms of his late, murdered father.
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Stone Pages Archaeo News
Archaeo News Podcast 195
The first Mesolithic open-air cemetery found in England
Major Bronze Age city-state unearthed in Jordan
Ancient child burial site found in Siberia
Populations intermixed well after migration out of Africa
Stone Age relics may be hidden in Scotland's seas
Prehistoric Indian relics discovered during oil spill clean-up
Ethiopian lake sediments reveal history of African droughts
Dig starts at Bronze Age roundhouse on Dartmoor
5,000-year-old skeleton unearthed in Northern Italy
Tracing back the history of human evolution at Mungo
25,000-year-old bones discovered in Colorado
Ancient human remains found at broch site
British schoolboy discovers 4,000-year-old arrowhead
Dancing shaman carved on ancient Japanese pottery
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The Economist
Money talks: August 8th 2011
The European Central Bank announces it will buy large portions of Italian and Spanish debt, and the US loses its perfect credit rating
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Radio Open Source
Dr. Geet: Yankee doc, speaking Sindhi, in the flood zone
Geet Chainani grew up on Staten Island with a grandmother who told her “we were Sindhis first.” Meaning: master the Sindhi language early; think of yourself as a child of the world’s first big-city culture, at Mohenjo-daro, from 2600 B.C. Her grandparents were part of the vast Hindu migration out of Sindh to India in 1947, at the partition that created Pakistan. But Sindh was where Geet came looking for her roots a year ago — for the tombs of the Sufi saints and the world’s oldest plumbing. The first big shock was Pakistan’s devastation by immersion. The second, when she pitched herself into the emergency, was discovering, with mothers in distress, that knowing their language was as valuable as her medical training.
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Fresh Air Podcast
08-08-2011 Fresh Air
Stories: 1) In '1493,' Columbus Shaped A World To Be 2) A Delightful Portrait Of The Screwball 'Family Fang' Also recommended by Varnam.
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