Monday, June 25, 2007

University Channel Podcast

The university of Princeton hosts the University Channel Podcast. The podcast delivers on a nearly daily basis lectures and forum discussion about current affairs. It is my impression that the source of the lectures is from all over the (English Speaking) world not just from Princeton itself.

For example, I have just listened to a lecture held at the Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. Other lectures I recall were from the London School of Economics and so on. What a wonderful, one point of contact, for your think tank input. The supply is so large, I get to pick and choose from whatever interests me. In the past I have listened to many a lecture or discussion on the Middle East. Another issue of note was a lecture with Philip Zimbardo, who plugged his book The Lucifer Effect (as he also did in Shrinkrapradio #87).

The Vanderbilt lecture was by Douglas Schmidt on Globalization, following mostly the book by Thomas Friedman 'The world is flat'. Friedman describes the world as "flat" as to give a metaphor for the fact that competition between industrial and developing countries are leveling. Schmidt follows this with his own examples. I can connect to it for being an active internet user, a man with dual citizenship, three languages (at least) and a second career man who switched from a traditional field, to the hi-tech.

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