Monday, July 30, 2007

SGU interviews Jimmy Carter

It is quite an exciting thing if one of your neighborhood podcasts rigs up an interview with a true celebrity. I know Dr. Dave of Shrinkrapradio is trying to get some celebrities on the show, but the Skeptics' Guide beat him to it. And they did not round up any well-known but got nothing to say celebrity. Oh no. They got an interview with the 39th president of the United States: Jimmy Carter.

It all started when they made a statement on the show in which Carter was portrayed as a believer in UFO's, that is, in the extra terrestrial sources of them. The grandson of Carter, Josh, wrote in and made sure the record was set straight. Steven Novella, Bob Novella and Evan Bernstein of the Skeptics team got to interview the president and have him comment on a UFO sighting he had in 1969.

The mentioned sighting has taken on some meaning among UFO believers and maybe unwittingly so, Carter serves as a name to make their claims credible. Carter freely comments on the subject and even though he formally admits to have seen a UFO, he does not support any of the popular claims. He underlines to have seen a flying object that was unidentified, hence, by all means, an unidentified flying object. Other than that he renounces all belief and support in the extraterrestrial.
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