Tuesday, September 18, 2007

UC podcast: US and new Middle East

The University Channel podcast remains an outstanding source of information on many a subject. I can't follow up on everything and usually even on the subjects I do want to follow up on, I have a terrible backlog. So it came to pass only now I had the time listening to a lecture by Gideon Rose on the US and the Middle East, as he held it on April 30th.

If I may paraphrase Rose, he says the situation for the US and the Middle East is bad, it is going to get worse on the short term, but then it is going to bottom out and allow to turn for the better again. Iran may obtain a nuclear weapon, but it is not going to totally upset the region. The US will back out and civil war will prevail in Iraq and throughout the region fundamentalists will gain more power. If however, the countries in the Middle East do not want to turn into stagnating backwaters such as Syria, they must link in with globalization and reform.

All of this is explained in a clear expose. As an audio experience nothing is left to be desired, but as usual with UC podcast, all is available in video as well.
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