Sunday, October 14, 2007

Israel, Iran, terrorism (UC podcast)

The University Channel podcast titled Israel, Iran, and the Future of Terrorism, a lecture given April 23, 2007 at Middlebury College, is not about Iran during the lecture at all. Only when the question section comes up, we have some addressing of Iran. Until then, guest speaker Jeffrey Goldberg speaks only about Israel and the Palestinians. And if you are capable of standing his tangents, the lecture is actually very good and truly inspiring.

The question section, however is not enhanced with a microphone in the audience, so it is the lecture that remains the best bit.

Jeffery Goldberg relates his immensely fascinating experiences with the Palestinians, both as an Israeli prison guard as well as as a journalist and an individual who maintained his relationship with certain Palestinians through these episodes fulfilling the roles of warden and reporter. From the area, I can agree with his analysis as well as the optimist as the pessimist ones. Once again a very good UC podcast on the Middle East.

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