Sunday, December 16, 2007

Economist on elections 2008

On the Economist blog and podcast Democracy in America there is an interview with professor Brian Balogh (University of Virginia and Miller Center of Public Affairs). The idea is to look at the presidential candidates' biographies and evaluate inasmuch these life stories contribute to their chances of being elected. Most of the attention is given to Clinton and Obama.

It has been said in other podcast that try to analyze the upcoming elections. The Democrats are bound to win and among the Democrats Hillary Clinton looks like the most potent candidate. Only Barack Obama seems to stand a chance of faltering her. Hence the assumption is made that either she or he will be the next American president.

In either case there will the an exceptional new thing; either the first woman or the first African American to be president. Balogh is invited to think about constructing a written biography and ponder where to take the narrative.

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