Friday, October 31, 2008

New podcasts of October at Anne is a Man!

A novelty this month was the attention to podcasts in foreign languages. Not just the Dutch, that are always there. In addition this month there was one German and three Hebrew podcasts reviewed. They each go in their own category, but I will make a category of Hebrew Podcasts and possibly a German, or other languages category as well.

In the category of History Podcasts:
MMW 4 (UCSD) (review , site,
The Making of the Modern World part 4, about the period 1200 - 1750 AD.

Teaching Company (review , site, feed)
A promotional podcast from the Teaching Company, a company that sells high quality lectures on audio.

Making History - עושים היסטוריה (review, site, feed)
Hebrew podcast about history, with an emphasis on the history of science and of technology.

Biography Podcast (Learn Out Loud) (review, site, feed)
Various biographies attended to by readings from original sources.

קטעים בהיסטוריה (review, site, feed)
Pieces of History, a Hebrew podcast. Selected topics in history.

In the category of Philosophy and Thought Podcasts:
Philosopher's Zone (ABC) (review, site, feed)
ABC's philosophy show with Alan Saunders

Beyond Good and Evil (Librivox) (review, site, feed)
Nietzsche's masterpiece read aloud on podcast.

In the category of Arts and Culture Podcasts:
Frankenstein, or modern Prometheus (Librivox) (review, site, feed)
Mary Shelley's novel read aloud on podcast.

Volkis Stimme (review, site, feed)
German podcast. Last week's news recounted with a comical touch.

מה שהיה היה (review, site, feed)
A Hebrew podcast from the Hebrew University's radio station 'Har Hatzofim' in Jerusalem. What is supposed to be a history podcast, turns out to have an special artistic quality.

In the category of Economics Podcasts :
EconTalk (review, site, feed)
A conversational podcast on economics.

In the category of Science Podcasts:
Science & the City (review, site, feed)
Lecture podcast from the New York Academy of Sciences

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