Friday, October 31, 2008

Anne is a Man this weekend

For this weekend I have about seven blog posts in draft. I am doubtful whether I am going to post them all, but I'll list them anyway. If any of those you haven't seen until Sunday, you will see them soon afterwards.

- According to regular schedule, later today, on October 31, I will be posting an overview of the New Podcasts that were reviewed in the past month.

- Tomorrow, on November 1, as usual on every first of the month, I will be posting my full list of reviewed podcasts. This list has passed the 200 mark this month!

Other posts that are likely to be published between now and Sunday evening are:
- A review of Shrink Rap Radio; an issue about relational therapy.
- Podcasting is dead say some people and podcast entrepreneur Cameron Reilly explores this idea in talk held over a year ago.
- Four new shows have been released since the last time I reviewed In Our Time. It is about time to address the podcast again.
- The Word Nerds had a new show out about Debating.
- Berkeley's History 5 is about half way through the semester and I want to pay attention to what is said about the Industrial Revolution.
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