Monday, November 17, 2008

The week with Anne is a Man

For the coming week I have a tight schedule in mind. About two posts a day and still there are more podcasts I will have listened to and who knows how pressed I will feel to relate.

- The Skeptics Guide to the Universe; the podcast for the critics of superstitions, make-belief, alternative medicine and whatever claims about the universe that are not empirically founded.
- History according to Bob; the ultimate history podcast. After so many years still running. Here was an issue about Henry the Navigator
- Namaste Stories; the poetic narrative podcast. This time with the title: A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do
- Making History with Ran Levi
- What was has been (מה שהיה היה)
- Martin Simek; before Simek will podfade, some additional attention
- In Our Time; BBC's weekly master piece

In addition I will be listening to Berkeley's History 5, UCSD's MMW 4, Shrink Rap Radio, BBC's Pods and Blogs, VPRO's OVT
And new podcasts: Freedom Radio, Grammar Girl, La Resistance, Meetings Podcast, UCLA's political science (2007)

Then there is good news from the spread the word front: There is yet another blog that points to Anne is a Man!: varnam, a blog about history, archaeology and current affairs with focus on India. (Varnam means colors in Sanskrit.)

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