Friday, March 13, 2009

Against intervention - UChannel Podcast review

Right from the start UChannel's Podcast with Michael Scheuer captures the attention. After his book: Marching Toward Hell: America and Islam After Iraq, he explains his view on US foreign policy in very clear terms. His criticism profound and he minces no words. Throughout most of the lecture it is very refreshing to hear someone speak so unambiguously.

Scheuer's criticism in general is with America's tendency towards interventionism. Ever since 1973, so is his opinion, the US has taken it upon itself to order the world and consequently to get involved with billions of dollars in regional conflicts that are not really any of her business. Furthermore America, also as of 1973, should have understood it was too dependent on oil and has failed to disentangle itself from the grip of Saudi-Arabia and the like. On top of that, the US thinks it must bring democracy in remote quarters of the world and also take it upon itself to make war with elate 'rules of engagement'.

Scheuer pleads for rapid development of alternatives to oil. Getting disentangled from conflicts where there are no direct US interests, even in Israel and where it does get into an armed conflict, allow the freedom to maximum savagery in order to quickly and effectively win wars. Scheuer clearly steers away from the main stream of ideas on foreign policy and has no good words for others. Holbrook is stupid, Petraeus and idiot and the Europeans are feckless - no people to be allied with. And this is where one gets to feel a bit uneasy and put off by Scheuer.

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