Friday, March 20, 2009

Anne is a Man in the weekend of March 20

Here is a list of reviews I am planning to publish over the weekend (Friday - Sunday).

- BBC's In Our Time made their last program about the Boxer Rebellion. How a revolt within China was defeated by an international alliance.

- Hoor! Geschiedenis continues to excite me with its history of the Netherlands. This time some thoughts about the Plakkaat van Verlatinghe. (Dutch)

- I know how to find Fiji on a world map. Other than that I know next to nothing about this country. ABC's Rear Vision had a program about Fiji's recent history with a series of military coups.

- New Books in History spoke with Simon Morrison about the biography of Prokofiev

- On LSE Events, Jean-Pierre Filiu tries to make a point about how the EU can make a difference in the Middle East.

I had wanted to review a podcast on UChannel where Sam Gardiner (retired colonel from the US) gave a military assessment of Iran and went over the military options against the country. The audio of this podcast, however, is so extremely bad, it was impossible to make out enough of the lecture for a review.

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