Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nilpod - Nick and Wil talk, we listen

In the world of podcasts there are many personal story podcasts, just as there are personal story blogs. The additional option with podcast, however, is to have a personal conversation recording that is shared with the world. On the report a podcast page a new podcast of that kind was submitted for review: Nilpod (feed).

Nilpod is made by two Irishmen Nicky Coghlan and Wil McDermott who merged their first names into nil, added to pod. This name suggests what you actually get: Nick and Wil talking, talking about anything that they would normally talk about, as if they were sitting in the pub or driving together on a boring journey. In order to force a little bit more structure, they have questions prepared they can ask each other to keep the talk going and over the episodes these questions have begun to stick to a theme. And so we have had conversations about fashion, about religion, about holidays and more.

I have reviewed a conversation podcast before, Real Talk and what goes there, goes for Nilpod as well. It is funny, it is relaxed, but how long can this go on? I was pretty much saturated after one episode and a half. How long can you stay interested in someone you do not know? If it is not very sharp wit that will keep you in, it must be the embarrassment factor; will they become confrontational or divulge sensitive data? Furthermore, how long can Wil and Nick put up with this? As far as I can see Real Talk is discontinued and if Nilpod is not going to be very creative in innovating itself, I guess it is probably going to wear off very fast, for the listeners as well as the makers.

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Unknown said...

Hi, regarding your review, may I address the following points:

(1) You say "How long can you stay interested in someone you do not know?"

With respect, I think this is a bit unfair, in that you're implying, you know, that *maybe* it'll get a mite boring. Well, I know both of these guys, and the fact is not knowing them has no effect on how how interesting they are. Their conversations are just as mind-numbing, dork-laden, and hitting-oneself-on-the-head-with-a-hammer-inducing when you know them!

(2) You say "How long can Wil and Nick put up with this?"

That's akin to asking a monkey how long he's going to dance for, holding a banana in his hand while simultaneously grinding an organ, singing "O Solo Mio" and wearing a tutu and a bobby's helmet. It's not how long he puts up with the embarrassment. It's that he would put up with the embarrassment at all!

Hope this clears a few things up!

Anne the Man said...

Am I confused? Are you disappointed with the review?
I liked the podcast, but I felt it repeated itself way too soon.
I do not think Wil and Nicky are boring to begin with. Quite to the contrary, I could easily identify with them. Still, I think the podcast needs more variation or more structure, to be able to maintain itself.

Nilpod said...

He's joking, Anne! He's like that!
Thanks for the review and we took your points on board.
The last 5 episodes have had a more structured approach in that we have topics for discussion in each show, e.g. Religion, Evolution, Fashion, Anger, and Work. I think it's gotten better as a result.

Thanks for taking the time to listen!


Anne the Man said...

I see you have a different website by now. I have updated the post accordingly