Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Medieval Heroes in short - HUM 4104 Virginia Tech

Professor Matthew Gabriele from Virginia Tech is using podcast as a supplement to his lectures. This is different from many other university podcasts, where the podcast is the lecture. Gabriele offers help with the reading on the podcast. Consequently, the non-student listener, such as us, is a bit shut out, but still some value can be had.

Take the course about heroes (HUM 4104 - see Virginia Tech history podcast page). Each podcast prepares for the reading about another hero or two. Beowulf, Boniface, Lancelot - aren't those the characters you had always wanted to know more about. Gabriele is giving that and more heroes, but only a bit. From there you will have to take the reading yourself or find your way to Virginia.

Still, what I like about this podcast series is that the issues are short. Each one under five minutes, so that you can drop them anywhere on your playlist. You can squeeze in a listen any time and you will get a tiny pearl handed to you.

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