Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ersatz TV - german vodcast review

Annik Rubens, the podcast pioneer from Germany (Schlaflos in München) has moved on and embarked on a vodcast project that combines her understated humorist qualities with tv presentation on a series of programs with assorted subjects that are informative and entertaining at the same time. The freedom of new media gives this piece of TV a fresh, pointy and innovative feel that triggers a variety of thoughts on its name: Ersatz TV (feed, feed for iPod)

"Ersatz TV" suggests a supposed modesty, as if this vodcast is no real TV, just a replacement. Replacement, however, is what it might just become for the sheer quality of it, compared with regular TV. That, could be exactly the the ambition of this Ersatz-modesty. If it were up to me, let us have it. I have long lost interest in television, but this might just bring interest back. Kudos for Annik and cooperators Hartmut Grawe, Ralf Tritschler and Halle 5 Media.

Somebody does spiffy stuff like this in English, Hebrew or Dutch? I'd like to know. Until then: 'Ni hao bei Ersatz TV'. Stunning find, I tell you.

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Annik Rubens said...

Hey, thanks for your raving review! We have been thinking about doing an English version of - you've encouraged us to finally record some tests!

Anne the Man said...

I would love that. I'll be following the German version anyway, but I'd love to see an English version