Thursday, November 27, 2008

German podcasts

I have not yet attempted a systematic search into German podcasts. Consequently, the material I have picked up, is what I stumbled upon. A bit of guidance I have begun receiving from Volker Klärchen of the podcast Volkis Stimme and so I hope to review some more German podcasts within my regular realm of subjects, beginning with history.

Until then, it may be interesting to note what it is I have ran into, by simply jumping from one train onto another. As Volker also noted, there seems to be a tendency among the German speakers to prefer the audio-blog. It is his observation there are mostly podcasts with people telling about their personal lives and indeed, those are the majority I have run into. The first, was the famous Schlaflos in München by Annik Rubens, but it was followed by the lesser known Leben und Überleben mit 45+ and Jungesellenblog. Leben und Überleben is a podcast by Frank Landschoof in which he relates his life after having recovered from leukemia. Junggesellenblog reveals the life of a student named Maxim who tries not to waste too much time on podcasting and watching TV and actually get some learning done.

My erratic search had to be stopped when I ran into Meiky (Micheal). He delivers two related feeds around his efforts in audio-drama. One is the podcast play per se and the other is the same alternated with interaction with his audience and fellow podcasters. Meiky points to so many of his colleagues, I overloaded and turned to Volker of Volkis Stimme for guidance. As to Meiky's Podcast Show it needs to be said we have a podcast that can not easily be pegged down in one category or the other, apart from being generally funny, a comedy show, that is thrown back and forth between the silly audio sketches and the hilarious interactions Meiky, or his alter-egos, engage in with the audience.

Volkis Stimme,
Schlaflos in München.

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Silbersurfer said...

Thanks for reviewing my podcast "Leben und Überleben mit 45+"It's great having listeners outside Germany.
Thanks a lot !!!!!!

The Man called Anne said...

You are welcome. Thanks for the inspiring podcast.