Thursday, November 27, 2008

Geschichtspodcast - history podcast review

Here is a podcast in German I will be following as of now. Thanks to Volker Klärchen of the podcast Volkis Stimme I have finally been able to locate a history podcast in German: Geschichtspodcast from the history magazine and website Chronico. (feed)

A unique feature of the podcast, which sets it apart from English, Dutch and Hebrew history podcasts, is that Geschichtspodcast has two hosts (Marcel Schwarzenberger and David Maciejewski) and this makes it one of the very few that is actually a dialog podcast about history. In contrast with those few others that are out there, the dialog doesn't seem scripted and in any case, doesn't come out in an unnatural fashion at all. As a consequence, the Geschichtspodcast, is very accessible. Even if the dialog sometimes is minimal, as Marcel reviews a history book and David only chips in to read the quotes, the variation in voices is refreshing and pleasant.

The focus of subjects goes to the Middle Ages in about as wide as the definition can take us, from late Roman times well into modernity - Marcel and David are not very picky about this. The chosen topics are triggered by books, research, expositions, news items and upcoming reenactment events they announce and review. Consequently, apart from history, one will also learn about current events that deserve attention. In addition, there is always an item about historical music, some of which, where rules allow such, will be played on the show. In short, a full fledged, entertaining, informative, professional and highly accessible podcast about history.

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