Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Leisure listening with Nilpod

I have reviewed Nilpod before and I wrote something that has been more or less refuted by my own behavior. I thought the Irish podcast Nilpod would wear off really fast. How long can you listen to two guys conversing away?

The facts are though, that over the last weeks, every time I saw a new Nilpod chapter was out, I went out and listened. And had a good time. Especially this last episode, which is about primary school (mp3), was rather good. It combines fascinating memories of speakers Nick and Wil with the fact they are teachers themselves today and the uproar about the Irish schools recently. This makes that the conversation receives a lot of additional meaning.

In the end, Nilpod is a leisure podcast. I listen to it while going about stuff that cannot be combined with the kind of academic podcasts I usually listen to. I used to listen to radio like that. In this respect it is more than radio, but I'd choose Nilpod rather than radio and that is telling something.

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