Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jimi Hendrix - Entitled Opinions

Last year, thanks to Jesse Willis of SFF Audio, I was exposed for the first time to the podcast Entitled Opinions and it took me some time to really begin to connect. It is an acquired taste so to say. Host Robert Harrison rides his own interests, starting from his own scholarly level of knowledge and this can be a handicap for the unfamiliar, but basically is a strength in the end.

The podcast is also a radio program with semester seasons. Spring 2009 has been closed with the last show, which is a solo show, that means there was no guest whom professor Harrison interviewed, about Jimi Hendrix. If the shows have a personal touch all along, this solo show has it even more so. And that personal touch is, needless to say, Harrison's own fascination and adoration for Jimi Hendrix. We surf with him on the tones of the music, propelled by the lyrics through the show.

Harrison treats Hendrix as a phenomenon and concentrates on the effort to come to grips with the nature of this phenomenon. How can you explain this power of expression? What drove him, what inspired him? Harrison rejects the application of any kind of psycho-analysis, or socio-political embedding of Hendrix. He takes the man as a kind of singularity, an angel, an alien, a voodoo child and joins Hendrix's lyrics into this search into the mystics of True Identity and Deeper Nature. Listening to the podcast turns into an experience pur sang.

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