Thursday, July 16, 2009

Open Yale Course feeds - Game Theory and Greek Classics

In the past I have reviewed three Open Yale Courses and have needed to emphasize that these courses were not podcast. This has changed. Two of them - and who knows before long, also the third - have been added to iTunes U and consequently been put in a feed. This I found out thanks to Dara of DIY Scholar.

Game Theory with Professor Ben Polak is a most accessible and even entertaining at times course into game theory. The principle aim is to teach game theory to economists, but each and every social science interested listener will greatly benefit from these course. Even though the subject is mathematical, Polak pulls off a course that is comprehensible also for the mathematically challenged. (feed)

Introduction to Ancient Greek History with Professor Donald Kagan is your ultimate entry into the history of the Greek Classical world. I would wish to be taught any subject by Kagan. He is capable of telling the narrative and disclose the historiographic problems, theories and reconstructions at the same time. (feed)

Hopefully the outstanding Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) with Professor Christine Hayes will also soon be added to iTunes.

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Jon and Diana said...

Great tip Anne - just started listening to the first one while I did the dishes - even my wife loved it!



Anne the Man said...

Enjoy. If you can stand the persisting cough of professor Kagan, this is a perfect ride.