Thursday, July 16, 2009

The way of the plants - Ersatz TV

A new issue of Ersatz TV is available. The three main subjects are Schufa, Pflanzenstrom, Kurzweil. That is, one item about the credit authority, which, it turns out, has been around since the 1920's. One item about research that is aimed at cheaply generating electricity in the same way plants generate their energy: photosynthesis. And an item about Ray Kurzweil that is summarized as: Kurzweil is the opposite of Langweil. Ni Hao bei Erstaz TV.

A real surprise is by the end a new feature: commercial. Not just any commercial, but one by the conservative Bavarian political party CSU, such an unexpected find in Ersatz. The style of the commercial is entirely old TV and its persistent and uniform use of the blue color scheme of CSU completely out of style with internet TV. Their idea is 'we are all the same' where in the world of internet and new media, we are all different. It is almost a parody in itself.

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