Thursday, July 2, 2009

The experts love Ersatz TV

A regular reader of this blog is Ronald van den Boogaard, a Dutch radio maker of the much admired VPRO. On the basis of my reviews he discovered Ersatz TV and wrote an enthusiastic piece on its maker Annik Rubens or Larissa Vassilian as Van den Boogaard reveals in his blog is Annik's real name.

It is all nice and charming that I love Ersatz TV and many of the other podcasts I review at this blog, but I am basically an amateur. The fact that Ronald van den Boogaard agrees with me on this particular point is most of all the achievement of Annik Rubens, but I am willing to admit I feel flattered myself no small amount.

In the mean time Ersatz TV has a new video out, which I love to embed here.

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